Nest Series (Pinks and Yellows)

Nest Series (Pinks and Yellows)


My nest paintings symbolise rest and safety for me. In this Nest series I explore the importance of belonging, purpose and places of rest in my life. The lighter colours of pinks and yellows are a happy sense of place. The darker colours are more turbulent times and the nest is where I hide and find rest in a safe place.


Artist: Elly Broadbent


    Acrylic on canvas, box framed timber frame

    As an artist, I consider myself to be multi-disciplinary. Currently my style is found in both ink drawings and acrylic paintings, however over the years I have practiced in textiles, surface design, conceptual art and design, ceramics, screen printing and printmaking.

    m: 0400 136 763 Instagram @elly_broadbent

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