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Elizabeth Van Herwaarden

I am an artist who cares about living things, and the magic that holds it all together like the interconnectedness and interdependence of all of us and all the rest of everything else – all living matter.  We need it, we are it. What we do to every other living thing we are doing to ourselves.

I first studied Fine Art at RMIT then had a family and came back to complete a Bachelor of Fine Art at the VCA followed by a Masters in Visual Art a little while later. In my final undergraduate year, I received the Maude Glover Flaey award. 

My current project is making small tapestries among many other things. I spin recycled dressmaking pattern paper into thread, like in Japanese Shifu, then the thread is carefully dyed with natural dyes like Oxalis, Avocado pips, Onion skins, Beetroot, Indigo and Gum leaves to name a few. Keeping the tapestries small allows me to use paper thread for the warp and the weft. I find this process of tapestry making a pure joy. 


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