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Elly Broadbent

As an artist, I consider myself to be multi-disciplinary. Currently my style is found in both ink drawings and acrylic paintings, however over the years I have practiced in textiles, surface design, conceptual art and design, ceramics, screen printing and printmaking. In my recent love for ink drawings using a fountain pen, I have found a greater freedom in creativity and expression.  I love both the fluid and free movement of the ink with a wet on wet approach then adding the fine lines of the fountain pen.  The fountain pen allows me to navigate and vary the thickness of the line, even scratching and scraping the paper for effect. I then overlay screen printed images to create a layered effect.  

I continue to challenge myself as I explore different techniques and aesthetics. I get excited by a new medium or software and seeing where it takes me. Before creating some of my artwork I do visualisations. This helps me plan the creative process and solve some of the creative challenges before picking up a pen or brush. Creating art in my mind has become a meditative practice as well and been comforting in some of the more challenging times of my life.

Teaching has become an important part of my life. I love to teach and learn from others. I'm intrigued by diversity and how each person applies their thinking and abilities. I am also encouraged by diversity and feel there is a sense of freedom and acceptance that comes with this. Teaching and working with other artists is exciting to me.  I was once asked if I was a teacher or an artist, as if you couldn't be both. But I think you can be both. I even think of it as if you're an artist, you're a teacher. And if you're a teacher then you're also an artist.

The support from the people around me has inspired me to step out and make my art a priority, and by doing this, I believe it has made an incredible difference in my work.


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