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Brett Smith

Brett is a craftsman, a designer and a carpenter. He started his making career as a carpenter and was influenced by designers and craftspeople he worked with. Admiring their work, he began to develop his own style and had his first furniture exhibition 30 years ago. He was most impressed with the Artisan culture he witnessed whilst living in southern Spain for most of the 90s, the main reason why the Papermill Artisans adopted this new name. 


The artist’s body of work includes furniture and large installations using timber, plywood, paper, metal, glass, leather and cane. He is very competent in working with engineers, designers and artists. He can turn conceptual designs into large installations. His work is seen in domestic, commercial, high risers and historic renovations including smaller architectural projects.


For the last 10 years, he has taught at the Gordon, responding to changing cohorts by developing an artistic curriculum. He considers his key strength to be his ability to work in collaboration with other people helping them develop their own designs.  Although currently leaning into Scandinavian minimalist style, Brett is proficient in many others and is particularly excited about CNC technology and what it can offer to modern designs. He is now ready to spend more time developing his own designs.

Brett Smith sanding a surfboard

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