about us

from our hands to yours

We are the Papermill Artisans, a collective of artists, makers, craft people and artisans building and showcasing our locally handmade work at the old paper mills in Fyansford, Geelong.

Papermill Artisans store front

vision & mission

We are artisans. We are makers. We are art personified. The products we make with our hands are filled with stories and tradition. We are knowledge treasure keepers and a crusader of affordable, contemporary art. By valuing the artist and the maker, we provide our customers unique and quality products and experience. Our vision is to become the destination for unique and designer products in the Geelong region and beyond.

our values

Written by our founder Brett Smith:

“At the Papermill Artisans, we share space, ideas and work collaboratively. As a founder, I aim to raise the profile of the business in an effort to generate revenue for everyone. The artist receives 100% of their sales, and we rotate shifts to manage the retail space. 


"We provide the community not with a salesperson but with artists who discuss in earnest their trades. My father is one of the members and enjoys teaching people about traditional nautical craft. We are a little treasure of knowledge and education and serve as a tourism destination for the love of art. Our core business is not just to make money. Of course, we need to make money as it offers us a reward and justifies why we practise our craft, it validates that we are craftspeople.


"Our core business is to keep Art and Craft alive. My vision is for us to promote ART and CRAFT, and as automation looms and manufacturing transforms, it is vital as a community that we maintain a creative culture. It is important to our mental health to offer people a purpose and options for further education, which stimulates people to seek activities that give them meaning. We are about raising the profile of 10 artists and representing their work in a professional online capacity - which in turn benefits the broader Geelong and Surf Coast community. “

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